Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise

June 30, 2010 oceansafoot 0

Our ship left the White Cliffs of Dover in the late afternoon and set sail for Copenhagen, Denmark.  We arrived in Copenhagen in the early morning hours and then set off for our 9:15am tour titled Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise. The tour began on foot on a cool rainy [read more…]


Pre-Cruise London on Norwegian Sun

June 27, 2010 oceansafoot 0

We started our day after departing our Virgin Atlantic flight at London Heathrow airport.  We arrived in the early morning with foggy minds and patiently waited on our motor coach to arrive.  Within no time at all we were shuffled off with our group from St. Leo’s Catholic Church to [read more…]

Scandinavia and St Petersburg Cruise Tour

June 27, 2010 oceansafoot 0

For our very first ocean cruise we traveled along in the wonderful fellowship of St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church of Inwood, West Virginia.  Coordinating through NAWAS Travel we set sail on a 13 Day Scandinavia & St. Petersburg Tour aboard the Norwegian Sun.  This wonderful ship of  (78,309 Tonnage), was [read more…]