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Bon Voyage Cake
Bon Voyage Cake

Having worked in the IT trade of both large and small companies in Colorado and Ohio, my wife and I had spent many years married to our jobs.  But on June 28, 2010 everything changed.  We went on our very first cruise aboard the Norwegian Sun with a group from St. Leo’s Catholic Church of Inwood, West Virginia.  As a precursor to this I would add that my mother in-law tried for years to get us aboard a cruise ship.  Having served ten years in the US Navy, I just didn’t have an understanding of why I would want to cruise.  That aside, I took the plunge and nestled in for a 13 Day Scandinavia and St Petersburg Cruise Tour – do or die!  As it turned out I was pleasantly surprised.  This cruising thing was actually kind of fun!  Basically I had nothing to do but relax, be entertained, meet new friends, and show up for dinner.

Our cruise started in London, England where I had previously lived for a little over four years.  It was like going back to your favorite place all over again.  Then off we sailed to the ports of Copenhagen, Berlin, Tallin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm.  I had been working so much I completely forgot how much fun it was to get out and see the world.

I learned two incredible things from this experience.

  1. I should have been doing this long before now.
  2. Travel by cruising is easier than I thought.

My wife and I, both in our 50’s, may have gotten a late start but we are making up for it.  Since that initial trip on the Norwegian Sun we have sailed on the Carnival Pride, Carnival Conquest, Holland Eurodam, Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas, Golden Princess, Holland Amsterdam, Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas, Holland Koningsdam and Caribbean Princess.  As the cruises have mounted up we have learned a few things about cruising.  Mainly, we (like you) want our cruise to be just perfect.  We also do not like surprises.

In this quest for the perfect cruise, I regularly search to find what others are saying about the staterooms and the excursions on their trips.  These are the two most important qualities for us.  In trying to uncover this information, I’ve visited countless cruise travel sites, forums, and blogs.  Often the information I want for a specific cabin or excursion recommendations is buried so deep it can be hard to uncover.  To this end, I decided it was time that I began to contribute my two cents about my cruises that can benefit others as well.  I encourage you to do the same if you are so inclined.  My hope is that  something I say, something I did, or something I experienced can help someone to have a better vacation, a better moment, and an even better cruise.

So take a break from the office cubicle and Let’s Get Cruising!

Gloucester Road Tube Station
Gloucester Road Tube Station – London England