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My Cruise Travels ‘Demystifying the Shore Excursion Experience’ provides in-depth information in both written and photographic means regarding your time spent ashore.

Many cruisers, young and old, like to stick with the offerings made by the Cruise Line for their shore excursion experience.  This is usually due to concerns for safety, comfort, and a guarantee that you will not miss the departure of the ship.  It can quickly become worrisome to be on a private excursion with these thoughts running around in your head.

The biggest obstacle cruisers face with picking an excursion from the offerings of the cruise line is coming up with a tour they will be happy with.  Generally there are very few reviews shown, if any, and of those most tend to lean towards the negative side.  I find this same behavior from customers in the retail trade.  People are quick to complain or offer up a negative review for the things they are not happy with.  Whereas the folks who had a great experience or were perfectly content did not deem it necessary to write or voice their opinion.

In general, good excursions are available in all ports, but the synopsis provided by the cruise line often does not elaborate on what the tour is all about.  For example after reading a synopsis like – Beside the church, the catacombs include a charnel house and a number of sepulchers from the 11th and 12th centuries.

You might be asking questions like:

1.  Will I be visiting the Church from the outside, inside or just driving by?
2.  Will I be visiting the Catacombs or just hearing an explanation about them?

I’m sure like me, you want as much information as possible about the excursion you will be taking.  I generally want to spend maximum time off the ship, and I want that to be quality time.  For me it’s History, for you it could be Shopping, Sports or something else.  The point is if you are better educated you can make better decisions.  The last thing you want to be doing on your vacation is not having any fun!

This site is not designed to deter or recommend any of the shore excursions we have taken.  Instead, it is intended as a guide to show you what did and did not happen on the excursion.  How long the excursion actually lasted, what were the stops and experiences, and how many steps we took from the time we left the ship until the time we returned.

Although this site is centered on excursions taken from the ship’s offerings, some excursions, which usually begin with the phrase pre or post cruise were taken outside of the cruise line offerings.  However as many tours booked on the ship are exactly the same as the ones offered in those ports you may have an option to take a tour with the same or similar itinerary.

The tours listed on this site use the exact name that were provided by the shore excursions desk at the time of their booking.  So unless the name of the tour has changed you should easily be able to search the exact tour name on this site and many others.

There are an endless amount of tours to take and document in the world of cruising.  Hopefully I was able to help you out in some small way to make a better, more educated decision.  If this is true, then I have certainly done my job.

Bon Voyage… Mustravel.