Panama Canal Holiday

November 18, 2015 mustravel 0

For the Holiday Season 2015/16 we sailed the Panama Canal from California to Florida.  This was our second trip on Holland America Cruise Lines.  Our last trip on Holland America was aboard the Eurodam for a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Dancing with the Stars themed cruise.  This time around we [read more…]

Ice Bar, Old Town & Vasa

July 7, 2010 mustravel 0

We left for our tour Ice Bar, Old Town & Vasa early today as we will only be spending about 7 hours in port.  Our first stop was the Stockholm ICEBAR at the Nordic Hotel.  We had been reading about this place in magazines for several months and were excited [read more…]

Porvoo Town & Country

July 6, 2010 mustravel 0

Our tour, Porvoo Town & Country, began with a meetup in the Stardust Lounge at 8:15am.  After boarding the bus we began our journey to the 15th century Church of St. Sigfrid in Sipoo 1450 – 1454. The church was a stone building complete with stone floor and wood tiled [read more…]

Magnificent St. Petersburg

July 5, 2010 mustravel 0

We departed for today’s tour, Magnificent St. Petersburg, at 8:30am on a bus holding 54 passengers.  The tour began with a scenic drive around St. Petersburg taking in some of the sights of the city.  We stopped at Universitetskaya Embankment to view two original Sphinxes that were acquired during the [read more…]

The City by Double Decker

July 4, 2010 mustravel 0

During our first day in the Russian port of St. Petersburg, we embarked on our journey via the City by Double-Decker excursion.  We found that visiting Russia on your own requires a US citizen to first obtain a VISA and a sponsor unless partaking in tours offered by the cruise [read more…]

Toompea Hill viewing platform.

Tallinn & Old Town Walking Tour

July 3, 2010 mustravel 0

Our three hour Tallinn & Old Town Walking Tour began from the Old City Harbor with our first stop at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.  These festival grounds are home to the Estonian Song Festival first established in 1869.  Here a variety of events are hosted annually but none as [read more…]

Berlin Transfer by Train

July 1, 2010 mustravel 0

We left on the 8:17am morning train for the Berlin Transfer by Train tour.  The train trip takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and you arrive a Lichenberg Station.  From there you get a coach transfer to Potsdamer Platz.  That was, of course, for everyone else.  Us being the experienced [read more…]


Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise

June 30, 2010 mustravel 0

Our ship left the White Cliffs of Dover in the late afternoon and set sail for Copenhagen, Denmark.  We arrived in Copenhagen in the early morning hours and then set off for our 9:15am tour titled CPHN51 Charming Copenhagen – Walk & Cruise.  Our tour began on foot on a [read more…]


Pre-Cruise London on Norwegian Sun

June 27, 2010 mustravel 0

We started our day after departing our Virgin Atlantic flight at London Heathrow airport.  We arrived in the early morning with foggy minds and patiently waited on our motor coach to arrive.  Within no time at all we were shuffled off with our group from St. Leo’s Catholic Church to [read more…]

Scandinavia and St Petersburg Cruise Tour

June 27, 2010 mustravel 0

For our very first ocean cruise we have signed up with St. Leo’s Catholic Church of Inwood, West Virginia and NAWAS Travel for sailing on a 13 Day Scandinavia & St. Petersburg Tour. The Norwegian Sun (78,309 Tonnage), built in 2001, holds about 1,936 passengers and 968 crew. We are [read more…]