Berlin Transfer by Train

We left on the 8:17am morning train for the Berlin Transfer by Train tour.  The train trip takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and you arrive at Lichenberg Station.  From there you get a coach transfer to Potsdamer Platz.  That was, of course, for everyone else.  Us being the experienced travelers (NOT) and having zero knowledge of the German language decided to talk our guide into letting us off the train at an earlier stop.  After spending 2.5 hours in a private sitting cabin with three French ladies who did a remarkable job pretending not to speak English we exited the private train at the Berlin-Lichtenberg station.  This proved to be very disastrous as we had misread our map and now found ourselves in a suburban area about 15 miles outside of the actual center of Berlin.  Ooops!  It was an interesting way to start our day…

After visiting a store and procuring lip gloss, and Leslee losing her glasses we eventually made our way back to the Train Station where we were dropped off.  We got in a long line and waited and the next thing we knew I was being yelled at profusely in German for???   Turns out I was standing in front of the automatic door, thus keeping it open.  Apparently a train station no no.

After a while we made it to the front of the line to communicate that we really needed to get a train ticket to Berlin.  It turns out it was the wrong line.  The agent pointed us to another counter in the station.  Luckily for us there was only a small line there and the agent at this counter spoke enough English to complete our transaction.

After about another 20 minutes ride we had finally made it to Berlin (whew!) crises averted.  But now obviously we had less time to complete our to-do list.

We first started at Checkpoint Charlie which was known to be the best Berlin Wall crossing point between the East and West.  After about a 15 minute walk we came to the Berlin Wall Memorial.  This memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it which also includes the Marienfelde Refugee Transit Camp & Museum.

Afterwards we caught the Berlin U-Bahn (or metro) which we learned was divided into two distinctive parts due to the previous separation of the East and West.  We headed to the Mehringdamm station due south of our previous destination and again in the surrounding suburbs.  We had read about these exquisite patio displays in a region but after about one and a half hours of walking around we were never able to find the actual place shown on our map.  We eventually gave up and decided to drown our sorrows at Steineckes Heidebrot Backstube, a bakery at Mehringdamm 25.

Tired and confused we headed back to Central Berlin with many miles under our feet.  We walked around this large city for awhile but everything was far away from the previous thing.  We ran across a bike taxi and talked the young gentlemen into giving us a ride to the The Reichstag Building when seconds later a young girl showed up.  His girlfriend it turned out and she needed him right now.  He apologized and off we were walking on foot again.

Eventually we reached the Reichstag Building home to the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.   We relaxed (or collapsed) on the lawn with many others.  Before long the day was getting short and it was time to get back to the rendezvous point for our return to Warnemunde.  Unfortunately for us we made it to a nearby train station only to find there were a multitude of tracks and we had no idea how to locate the proper platform.  As luck would have it a German policeman saw that we were in distress and took us to the currency exchange where English was spoken.

We learned a valuable lesson on this excursion.  Be careful what you sign up for, especially if you do not speak the language.  Many of the words and streets in Germany look or sound exactly the same.  It quickly becomes confusing.  We definitely would have been better off to stick with an established guided tour at this port.

Cruise Port: Berlin (Warnemuede), Germany

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Sun

Tour Name: Berlin Transfer by Train

Tour Operator: ELS – European Land Excursion Services