Colonial San Sebastian Tour

Town Familiar

Today we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and met up with our group for the Colonial San Sebastian tour.  Our excellent tour guide proved to be the best guide we would have on our Panama Canal cruise.  We headed from the pier by bus via Carr A las Palmas to San Sebastián del Oeste a mountain village of 600 residents in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountains.  This remote town of cobblestone streets was quaint and relaxed.  First we visited Cafe de Altura coffee farm where coffee and agave was manufactured.  We sampled the product and learned a bit about the coffee bean and the coffee bean plant.

Next we took a slow walk through the entirety of the town until we reached the familiar.  There we toured an 18th-century church dedicated to San Sebastian then met with a lady at Museo de Doña Conchita Encarnación to hear her story about her life and descendants and how she came to be at this place.

Afterwards we spent time at the familiar and took the opportunity to snap some more photos.  Next we headed back through the town and stopped at Hacienda Jalisco for our lunch.  There we ate tortillas, tamales and a host of breads, cakes and more.

I had been bugging the tour guide about having some Mexican Tequila all day.  Having some extra time on the return from San Bebastian we made a pit stop at Hacienda Don Lalin and met our host and distiller, Lalo.  Lalo makes the Tequila in his own configuration, basically in the front yard.  With a great personality and some heavy handed free shots we couldn’t resist taking a bottle of the Licor de Cafe home with us!

All in all a nice day in the cool mountain air that ended on a relaxing note.