Experience Dubrovnik as Seen on the Hit TV Series

Heading towards our destination

30 Minute Drive

We left the area known as Port Gruž on a Game of Thrones filming location tour on a clear, sunny October day.  Immediately our van of 16 patrons headed down the Adriatic road towards Split, Croatia.  Our destination is Trsteno Arboretum the location of the King’s Landing Gardens.

During any journey we have taken the tour guide always seems to spout off a bit of history and this tour was no different.  We learned that Croatia comprises 1,244 islands besides the mainland and, the population is about 4 million with 1% or 40,000 occupying the area known as Dubrovnik.

Trsteno Arboretum

We arrived at Trsteno Arboretum, and waited while the guide purchased entry tickets for our group.

There were several pivotal scenes filmed in the Trsteno gardens.

Now mid morning we had left for the pickup point observing a 400-year-old tree present here. 

Headed back to the Walled City of Dubrovnik

30 Minute Drive

We were on our way to Dubrovnik, the location of Kings Landing beginning in Season 2.  We learned that Malta had been the original Kings Landing filming location.  King’s Landing scenes had also been filmed in Genoa, Italy and some even used the main sound stage in Belfast, Ireland.

Pile Gate

Once we arrived at the walled City of Dubrovnik we entered via the Pile (pronounced Peel e) Gate which was also the Holland America shuttle bus dropoff/pickup location.

Blackwater Bay | Red Keep

Our first observation was that of Blackwater Bay and the Red Keep. However, some of those Blackwater bay scenes were studio created CGI.  After our climb up several steep staircases we peered across the bay looking towards the House of the Undying.

The pier shown here is in Blackwater Bay. On this stone dock Sansa and Shae can be seem watching the ships in (S3 EP1). The location also appears near the end of the show in Season 8.

Old Town | Star Wars

Now descending more stairs we entered the Old Town. Unknowingly we had just stepped into a Star Wars the Last Jedi filming location known as Canto Bight (or gambling planet).

Walk of Shame

As we headed around the Old City, we found history dating to at least 1637 when tower and wall construction began. Then rounding a simple corner was The Jesuit Staircase the infamous filming location for Ceisei’s Walk of Shame (S5 EP10).  It was here that we heard how Cersei was replaced by a local girl (or body double) for filming purposes.  We also heard that filming of this one dramatic scene took place over a series of four days.

Town Walls

By noon-time we were climbing on the Old City ramparts built to defend the people from the Venetians.

Our guide showed us an advance Season 8 filming location after our climb and partial walk of the ramparts.  She pointed out many other of the locations used.  Carrying an efficient guide book that had large photography showing the actual scene(s) of the show, made them easy to recognize.

The Purple Wedding | House of the Undying

We then climbed to the Top of the House of the Undying (S2 EP10) and thus our Game of Thrones filming locations tour had ended.

Tour Ended at 12:45pm

Now on our own, we continued our walk along the Old City ramparts before exiting to the streets below.  We returned to the Staircase of the Walk of Shame fame and climbed to the top. During the tour we did not climb the actual staircase but rather observed from below.

Lunch at Kopon Restaurant

After we had crafted some photos, we noticed a nice restaurant with outside seating nearby. Here at the Kopon Restaurant we ordered up the Ham and Cheese sandwich, connected to Wi-Fi and rested up a bit. All in all a great day about in Dubrovnik.

Cruise Port: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tour Name: Experience Dubrovnik as Seen on the Hit TV Series

Cruise Line/Ship: Holland America Oosterdam

Tour Guide: Ivana (aka party girl #30 in 2018’s Robin Hood)