Royal FloraHolland Flower Auction

April 18, 2017 mustravel 0

Today we took a tour of the Royal FloraHolland Flower Auction in Aalsmeer.  As the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in Amsterdam is directly across the street from Amsterdam Central Station we were able to pick up F Connection bus 172 by simply crossing the street.  We boarded the F Connection [read more…]

Floating Flower Market with Our Lord in the Attic

April 16, 2017 mustravel 2

Our day began with a train ride from the Amsterdam Shiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station.  The train from Amsterdam Shiphol Airport departs from platforms 1 and 2. We found this not easily marked and were a bit confused.  After boarding the train the travel time to Amsterdam was about [read more…]

11 Day Caribbean Princess European Capitals Cruise Tour

European Capitals Cruise aboard Caribbean Princess

April 9, 2017 mustravel 0

Next up on our itinerary is a 11-Day European Capitals cruise with pre-cruise in Amsterdam to coincide with the Keukenhof Gardens Tulip Festival.  This will be our second trip on Princess Cruise Lines.  Our last trip on this line was aboard the Golden Princess for an Alaskan Cruise Tour.  This [read more…]


Bergen and Mount Floien

August 26, 2016 mustravel 0

Today we arrived in Bergen Norway and left for the guided tour, Bergen and Mount Floien, at 8:30am.  Unfortunately, the days’ weather put a damper on the tour.  The rain in Bergen usually lasts for an hour or two and then clears.  That did not happen this day.  Instead it [read more…]


Romsdal and the Troll Path

August 25, 2016 mustravel 0

Today our tour, Romsdal and the Troll Path, began at 12:50pm.  At 6.5 hours, this was the longest tour of the day.  Our tour guide Stain noted this tour normally runs 8 hours and he thought the shorter allotment of time rushed the itinerary a bit.  As it turned out, [read more…]


Akureyri Falls and Farmland

August 23, 2016 mustravel 0

The Akureyri Falls and Farmland tour began promptly at 8am.  After loading our motor coach to capacity we were coach number 3 in a 4 coach departure.  Our first stop was the Lystigardur Botanical Garden which is just 500 meters from the Akureyri Church.  We had 28 minutes to spend [read more…]


Dynjandi Waterfall and Seafood Trail

August 22, 2016 mustravel 1

Our morning started off at 9:30am for the Dynjandi Waterfall and Seafood Trail tour.  We were late leaving the ship because the fog was so thick.  After our tender ashore we could neither see our ship nor the town we were approaching.  Once ashore, we boarded our tour bus and [read more…]


Glacier Safari by 4-Wheel with Ice Cave Visit

August 21, 2016 mustravel 0

Today was another absurdly amazing adventure, Glacier Safari by 4-Wheel with Ice Cave Visit.  We left the pier at 7:12am and boarded a Mercedes Bends monster super truck.  The first stop was at UNESCO World Heritage Site Thingvellir where we walked a portion of the mid-Atlantic ridge.  This was very [read more…]


Lets Go Volcano!

August 20, 2016 mustravel 0

At 3pm we were loaded into 2 modified super trucks with ten persons in each for the Let’s Go Volcano! tour.  We headed to Lava Tube caves created by a once ancient river of flowing lava.  The journey to the caves was amazing and required us to drive Icelandic trails [read more…]


Dunrobin Castle

August 18, 2016 mustravel 0

After an afternoon arrival in the port of Invergordon we headed off on an excursion to Dunrobin Castle at 2pm.  The drive took us through the Scottish Highland towns of Saltburn, Milton, Kildary and Tain all surrounded by fields of Barley which were ready for bailing.  We also saw the [read more…]