Tallinn & Old Town Walking Tour

Toompea Hill viewing platform.
Toompea Hill viewing platform.

Our three hour Tallinn & Old Town Walking Tour began from the Old City Harbor with our first stop at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.  These festival grounds are home to the Estonian Song Festival first established in 1869.  Here a variety of events are hosted annually but none as famous as the Song festival itself, which is held every 5 years and often comprised of 25,000 or more singers and performers.

After our visit to the Song Festival grounds we were transported to the Old Town area of Tallinn.  This area has long been considered one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. This is where we began the walking tour.  We walked into the Palace Square that held both the Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral and the pink Estonian Parliament building.  The parliament building is also the front of Toompea Castle.  As we walked further we came across St. Mary’s Cathedral which is the oldest church in Tallinn dating back to the 13th century.  Out in front of the church were older Russian women who were earnestly begging for spare change.  Our guide told us this as an everyday occurrence and that the Estonian people are none too happy with the practice.

Inside St. Mary’s Cathedral were the remnants of many eras past.  There were very unique engravings on the bottom of a raised area where special guests would sit.  The pipe organ originally built in 1878 and restored in 1998 is considered one of Europe’s best concert organs.

We continued our walk to Toompea Hill where we visited the vantage point from which the red-gabled roofs and spires of Old Town are seen.  Then we made our way down the Long and Short Leg Streets to Town Hall Square where lunch was awaiting at the Restaurant Maikrahv.  There we dined on delicious beef roast with seasoned potatoes.

After our scrumptious lunch we had some free time to walk around the Knit shops adjacent Tallinn town wall.  There was a tremendous variety of souvenirs to purchase and we finally settled on a wool hat-scarf set from one of the many street vendors.  Afterwards we met up with our tour group at a designated meeting spot and began our short jaunt back to the ship.

Cruise Port: Tallinn, Estonia

Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Lines

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Sun

Tour Name: Tallinn & Old Town Walking Tour

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